HDMI Matrix VS HDBaseT Matrix

What is HDMI Matrix?

HDMI Matrix switcher is specially used for switching and distributing the AV signal. It can switch the multi-channel signal from the inputs to any one channel in the outputs, and the output are independent of each other. 

Here I would like to share the diagram of our HDMI Matrix SX-MX09B for your reference:

FoxunHD 4×4 HDMI Matrix

FoxunHD 4×4 HDMI Matrix

HDMI matrix switchers are used in broadcast and television, multimedia conference rooms, education and command and control centers. These devices are also very suitable for the corporate, government, and military markets, where signal management and high-speed distribution of high-resolution video signals are critical.

What is HDBaseT matrix?

HDBaseT is a worldwide connectivity standard that enables a single cable to carry multiple signals and power simultaneously. The cornerstone of HDBaseT technology is 5Play™, a feature set that converges uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable and various control signals through a single LAN cable.

HDBaset Matrix is based on HDMI matrix utilizing HDBaset technology to extend HDMI and control signals to remote devices via a Cat5e/6 cable.

It is suitable for signal management and HD video distribution systems in control centers, smart lecture halls, and medical, government, and residential environments. 


FoxunHD 8×8 HDBaseT Matrix

What does an HDMI Matrix do?

Common HDMI matrix has 4×2, 4×4, 8×8, 16×16, etc., mainly used in multiple hosts and multiple monitors (splicing screen, etc.) between, according to the needs of different periods, can quickly realize the switch between the host and the monitor without rewiring, without reconnect the host. For example, in the traffic command center, each intersection is a video input. When all intersection monitoring is needed, you can choose 1-to-1 output. When you need to view the detailed condition of a certain intersection, you can directly enlarge the screen to view it through splicing display

What can an HDbaset matrix do for you?

Common HDBaseT matrix has 4×4, 8×8, 16×16, etc., HDBaseT has become the technology of choice for a wide range of product applications, including digital signage and video walls, projectors and enterprise applications. HDBaseT is deployed in different vertical markets, including corporate, hospitality, retail, education, government, and more. HDBaseT is ideal for high-throughput content that needs to be transmitted over long distances. For example, Matrix with HDBaseT, you can transfer audio and video, Ethernet, control signals, USB and power across a 100 m /328 ft cable for home entertainment, games, data and more.

Different types of Matrix devices

There are several types of HDMI Matrix and HDBaseT Matrix, and the type you ultimately need depends on your home’s needs and personal preferences. Such as:

4K HDMI Matrix 4x4 4K HDMI Matrix 8x8 ; 4K HDBaseT Matrix 4x4 4K HDBaseT Matrix 8x8 ; 4K Seamless HDMI Matrix 4x4

Matrix application
Hdmi matrix and hdbaset matrix

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