HDMI Repeater VS HDMI Extender

What's the HDMI repeater?

HDMI Repeater is a signal amplifier that extends 1080P or 4K signals through HDMI cables. So the distance is limited. Here I would like to share the diagram of our HDMI repeater SX-EX39 for your reference:

4K 25m & 1080P 50m 

What's the HDMI extender?

HDMI Extender is a pair of transmitter and receiver which can transmit the HDMI signals over CAT5e/6 Cable or Fiber without signal loss . 

It can solve the long-distance transmission between high-definition products. Such as from Xbox/Projector/STB/Blu-Ray/ PS3 to TV/LCD ect,  which can transmit  4K signal from 40meter to 100 meter over Cat5e/6 cable. or 20KM over Fiber.

When do you need HDMI Repeater?

Your HDMI signal needs a short distance extension. The HDMI repeater is the economical solution if the distance below 40meter. 

Why do you need HDMI Extender?

HDMI extender mainly solves the problem of signal limitation caused by long distance. It can allow you to set up your home theater in home and span long distances and not lose quality. You can also extend other signals like IR remote control commands, USB, and RS-232.

Different types of HDMI extenders

There are several types of HDMI extenders, and the type you ultimately need depends on your home’s needs and personal preferences. Such as:

HDMI over Cat5 and Cat6 extender & HDMI Over Fiber extender ; Wireless HDMI extender

Hdmi repeater vs hdmi extender

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