FoxunHD Digital & Analog Audio Extender


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✔ AUDIO EXTENDER – Extend Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals up to 1480ft (450 meters), Digital audio up to 1640ft (500 meters)
✔ AUDIO FORMATS – Coaxial & Toslink: Digital Audio up to 7.1-channel, supports Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM, Sampling rate: 48k/96k/192k (16bit/18bit/24bit); RCA (L+R): Stereo
✔ AUDIO SPLITTER – Simultaneous audio to all outputs (Coaxial, Toslink, RCA Stereo) on the Receiver end with embedded DAC (digital-analog converter) & ADC (analog-digital conversion) *Note: Only one input source can be used at a time on the Transmitter side
✔ POWER over CABLE (PoC) – Allows 1 power adapter connected to the TX to power the RX through CAT cable
1. Transmission Range: Analog audio up to 1480ft (450 meters), Digital audio up to 1640ft (500 meters)


2. Accepts Analog, Digital Coax or Optical Toslink
3. Auto indentify audio input: Analog>Digital Coax>Optical Toslink
4. Supports PCM2.0, Digital 5.1 (DTS, Dolby Digital, etc. )
5. Input 44.1-96khz, output 48khz, 16-24bit
6. Support AC 100~240V 50/60hz power, DC 12V/1A, dual POC

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