FoxunHD 1x8 HDBaseT Splitter - Support 4K@60HZ 4:4:4


Product: Splitter
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✔ COMPLETE HDBaseT 4K EXTENDER KIT – Includes 1 Transmitter & 8 Receivers. Extend and distribute 1 HDMI source to 8 HDMI displays over CAT5e/6/7 simultaneously up to 4K @60Hz YUV 4:4:4 8-bit, HDR. The video is transmitted using lossless HDBaseT technology and HDR, giving you higher contrast and vivid colors for a more realistic viewing experience. Supports up to 7.1-channel, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio
✔ HDMI LOSSLESS TRANSMISSION RANGE – Up to 70m@1080p & 40m @4K/60Hz 4:4:4 & 4K HDR. 
✔ AUTO VIDEO SCALING/DOWNSCALING – Supports mixed 4K & 1080p display outputs. A 4K video source device can simultaneously display 4K content to 4K monitor(s) and 1080p content to 1080p monitor(s) via downscaling. 
✔ ADVANCED FEATURES – 1 HDMI loopouts on Transmitter, 8 HDMI outputs on Receivers, Power over Cable (the Receiver is powered by the transmitter), Bi-directional IR (to control your source device at the location of your display or control your display from the location of your source device), RS-232 pass-through, low latency, and comprehensive EDID management (to allow you to experience audio and video in the highest settings possible based on the capabilities of your display)


1. Incorporates HD Base-T technology
2. Distributes 1 HDMI source to 8 HDMI Displays simultaneously with 1xlooping HDMI output
3. Input HDMI resolution max up to 4K@60hz YUV 4:4:4
4. HDBaseT output up to 4K@60hz YUV 4:2:0
5. HDMI output up to 4K@60hz YUV 4:4:4
6. Extends HDMI and IR up to 70 meters using one CAT5e (or better) cable
7. Supports high bit-rate audio formats (Dolby True-HD / DTS Master Audio )
8. Support RS232, EDID
9. Compliant HDCP 1.4 and 2.2
10. Support Cascade to 8 layers

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